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Sophia Stickland

Certified Birth Doula
ABOUT Sophia

About Sophia

"Womankind" Started out of a passion for birth and babies.

My journey as a birth doula began in 2015 when I became pregnant with my daughter. With a new passion for birth, babies, and education, I then set off to work, attending certifying schools, workshops, joining associations, and designing multiple Doula Packages, all of which offer certified, informed, quality care for a mother's pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Now, years after my vision began, (and over 100 birth clients served!) I am happy to say I am one of Quinte's most seasoned and experienced Certified Doulas, and the passion is still very much alive and well!


When I'm not coaching or attending a birth, I'm enjoying life with my four beautiful children and husband.

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Birth Doula Packages

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Package


• Consultation

• 3 Childbirth Education Sessions starting at 32 Weeks,

• 2 Postpartum Support Visits

I do not attend your birth in this package

All Inclusive Package
(Most Popular Overall)


• Consultation

•4 Prenatal Appointments 

• On Call Support after 38 weeks

• Full Attendance of Birth

• 4 Postpartum Visits

Basic Doula Package (Most economical Birth Support)


• Consultation,

• 3 Prenatal Appointments

• On-call support after 38 weeks

• Full Attendance of Birth

• 3 Postpartum Visits

Payment Plans are available for all packages



• Monthly Prenatal Visits upon Contract Signing

• On-Call Support after 38 weeks

• Full Birth Support

• 4 Postpartum Visits

• Infant Sleep Workshop

Please contact for more in-depth package breakdowns

*Returning Womankind Clients are eligible for a 25% discount on all packages
**a one time $100 gas fee will be applied if you live more than 15KM outside of Belleville

A Doula is someone who is certified to support, educate, and coach a woman (and partner) through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Their support is not medical, yet it is profound physical, emotional, and informative support.
A Certified Birth Doula's goal is to help provide care to the mother and help them achieve their ideal birth.
(No matter what that may look like!)

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Womankind Doula Services

Belleville, Ontario Canada



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